RJ Sheeba

Junior’s Music Box…where US kids rock!

Tune in and listen to RJ Sheeba having a blast with Desi Kids in the community.

JMB is focused to showcase kids talents and boost their self-confidence with a variety of talk shows and music dedication programs.With a new theme every week – kids will have an opportunity to learn a lot of new things, talk in their native language, shout out to their friends and or family and above all , dedicate a song to anyone they want!

Do you have a kid at home? Get them to speak on the RadioPaniPoori with RJ Sheeba – write to and get them on the next show!

About RJ Sheeba

RJ Sheeba is an IT professional who works in downtown Chicago. In addition to her regular job, she also loves hosting events for both adults and kids alike. Most divine moment for RJ Sheeba is when she talks to kids and is able to get their heart’s smile reflect on their face!

Hobbies: Food Lover but do not like cooking, Love traveling places, Listening to music , Facebook-ing, Watching comedy shows , Social Work and above all – spending quality time with her kids both indoor and outdoor!

Tag line:  JMB is a show for all kids – big and small … a show with a twist, great fun, more surprises ,and lots and lots of music you’ll love!

RJ’s Favorite Track


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