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Carnivale! Viva Colombia como

Colonization had intertwined civilizations and cultures across the globe and the world we live in today is perfectly interwoven. All the cultural celebrations and festivals we celebrate are mere a reflection of our ancient world.  Adding to that, there are some cultures and countries that not just strengthen the spirit of celebrations but they bring out the oneness that human kind strives for, uniting and reliving the love and compassion we all have for each other.

One such country, hosting the age old celebration of carnivals is Colombia.  “Carnaval de Barranquilla” is what it is called as and is the second largest carnival in the world. A lot has been written about the folklore carnival which brings out the best of music, dances and art.

This carnival is declared as “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO and is certainly a spectator’s once in a life time event. It not just gives you a chance to indulge in rich cultural heritage but as said by UNESCO- one can experience the intangible aspects that connect humanity. The Carnival helps you explore the happy attitude of Colombians – a community that actively participates and supports festivity and community togetherness. They are indeed the most expressive culture; be it the language, the dance or the love for each other. They love life and live in present. Present moment is all they yield for, and therefore, it gives them the title of being the happy people in spite of the hardships they are going through as a Country.

This Carnival is the spirit of Colombia – it flaunts the togetherness, respect and love that a society values and lives for.

(Contributed by RJ Alokita)

Source: Panipoori

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