To radio friends interested for India’s growth – is India progressing? yes – how , where? can I see progress, effect? how and who is doing?

many questions and probably beginning of an answer…

Mahatma Gandhiji had said : “Be the change you want to see in the world”

And the change comes in the form of film “India Awakes” – not the usual kind of film …and why the film on India?
INDIA AWAKES was initially screened to a small audience on Jan 21 at the University of Chicago and brought in lots of hope and empowerment – not only for people of the South Asian country but to the entire world.

The movie screens to the world on WTTW at 8 pm cst!

RadioPaniPoori brings an interview for the first time on radio with this team of producers/directors/writers/adviser from WTTW who made the film possible and the journey in making this movie for India.

Please join to listen in WALK THE TALK program a talk with the film team –
Jim & Maureen Tusty (Producer/Director/Writer)
Bob Chitester (CEO of Free to Choose Media)
Dr. Tom Palmer (VP Atlas Network )

at 10 am/7 pm cst – to listen click play at

and remember to turn on the television at 8 pm cst today January 28 to see the film!!!


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