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October 14, 2018

Yoni ki Baat 2018

Event info

Date: October 14, 2018

Join for season #4 of YONI KI BAAT 2018!

New stories and new perspectives on empowerment.


What is in YONI KI BAAT?

Is “YONI KI BAAT” about gender bias – No, not at all 

It is about the WOMAN – solely about the woman – from the eyes of the woman – from the perspective of a woman – from the mind of a woman
Is “YONI KI BAAT” about judgement to others – No, not at all 

It is about stating fact/facts – it is about telling a story (which is not coming out of a fiction book) which is through one’s journey in life
Is “YONI KI BAAT” sad or gory or a horror play – NO, not at all 

It is a cocktail of witty, funny, bold, hilarious, satirical, sometimes sad, almost always empowering and always the TRUTH (howsoever one chooses to ignore)

Questions? please email to

For PR or sponsorship – please contact at 224-321-2948


Theme – ” The 9 stages of the woman”