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RJ Shilpa



Things that everyone love : Food, Music  & Friday

So every Friday the show “Yummy Tummy – Friday Ka Tadka” brings a blend of Music & Food to you with loads of fun, as I believe music is food to the heart and I am here to win the hearts of my listeners.

About RJ Shilpa

“I was born with music in my blood and that lead me to the stage, where I started singing in front of hundreds and thousands of audience. I pursued engineering, but was always passionate to become a TV anchor and present my work in front of camera and one fine day….my dream came true. I got selected in TV reality show and by the end of it, came out as a winner of the show and joined as TV anchor in central India’s biggest news channel. My journey began as a host for a cooking show, from there on, I started exploring and developing my love for food. Also, I hosted few entertainment shows, celebrity interviews, social welfare programs which have close to million views on Youtube. Working in front of camera was my dream and I lived it.
After my stint in India, it is in Chicago where I found radio as a perfect medium for my voice to reach many souls.I love to meet, greet and talk to people because that brings good thoughts, positive energy and kick! I believe Radio is the most intimate & socially personal medium in the world. So lets get onto this medium and start our chitchat in a spicy, tangy and musical way, only on RadioPaniPoori …”

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