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Prank Day

April Fools day or as most of us call it Prank Day, used to be one of the biggest reasons why I loved school. This was the only day when I would play pranks on my teachers without fearing them, because I knew at the end all I need to say is Happy April Fools day.

When I got this opportunity to write a blog which is going to be published on April 1st, I was unable to stop myself from writing about this special day.

Who played the first joke and the reason why the first day of April was designated still remains a mystery to me as I tried my best looking for a convincing answer. As a kid my motto for this day was PLAY A JOKE BEFORE SOMEONE GETS YOU FIRST. We used to make a list of targets, mostly teachers and mean senior students, then their fate for the day was decided. We never played any prank that caused harm to anyone or us. By us being unharmed I meant we had to find a way to survive for the rest of the year.

April Fools day was like a school tradition which we as kids enjoyed a lot. As times changed, I don’t see the same excitement in my kids. To them this is another regular day nothing special. Kids find it funny to see me all excited, They will laugh at the stories from my school days and then tell me that kids don’t play pranks like that now. A fun tradition is fading away.SIGH!

Well you may not be able to pull off a one-liner, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a sense of humor. In fact there’s a big difference between a sense of humor and a funny personality. All you need to do is “don’t think your act being childish”. So, everybody around me be prepared to hear GOTCHA! April Fools!



  1. Yeah…trends are changing. Children have got newer ways of having fun. According to them, prank could be harmful to someone else or others may take it totally wrong.
    The saddest part is that it was never a school day for us. This time was always final exams time of the year.

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