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RJ Alokita

#1 PaniPoori or HumTum

A talkshow which covers variety of subjects like food, culture, lifestyle, language, people and habits. Also, talk about the communities across the globe and how we are all so different yet one….


#2 The Other Side

In this show we talk about the other or second perspective that life has, which we generally miss or ignore. It can be narrative  or a real life story. …listen to it!!


About RJ Alokita

हर साँस से मोहब्बत होने तक होती हैं, एक बार नहीं मोहब्बत हज़ार बार होती हैं!

जेहेन मे ओझल होती हर तस्वीर से मोहब्बत होने तक होती हैं, मोहब्बत एक बार नहीं हज़ार बार होती हैं!

Per Alokita “Take me anywhere and I am with you! Talk to me about anything and I am with you ~ Blame it on my gypsy soul!

I am a poet by heart and a trainer by profession”.


Favorite Tracks

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