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September Eleven

Every year, in the first couple weeks of September, there are posts regarding that one special day which is said to have changed the face of this world. Did 911 really changed the world, or America being the most powerful country, is considered as “the world”? Did hate crimes started because of 911? My answer is nope. Every time someone wants to satisfy their evil desire, some innocent ends up paying the heavy price. Any crime motivated by racial, sexual, religious or other prejudice against a person or a community is a hate crime.

The belief that some races are better than others, still prevail in society. People had been, and still are poorly treated because of their race. Trying to prove one religion better than the other, has been creating enough trouble throughout the history of mankind. Women get attacked by acid, because they tried to choose to do what is right. These are all examples of hate crimes. The most heart wrenching incidence that we all witnessed was an image of a three year old’s tiny body that washed ashore. A toddler trying to escape his own motherland, with his family slipped out of his father’s hands and looses his life. That kid, his family and thousands more like him are victims of hate crime. Whole world seems to be upside down. SEPTEMBER ELEVEN can’t be blamed for all of this.

Today, we see human but no humanity. Why we feel the adrenaline rush in the veins only when people who we consider as our own are in trouble? Why are we so indifferent towards others. People need to be educated. Rallies to oppose hate should be called unity rally not hate rally. If we are targeted for something that we are not, then it is our job to show who we are. Speak up in ways that draws attention away from hate, and toward unity. Community leaders, schools play a huge role when hate crime occurs. They can promote tolerance and address bias before another hate crime can occur. Expand your community’s comfort zone, so everyone can learn and live together.

Just remember god created human being for a reason, so just try to be a HUMAN first and you will see a lot of social issues will evaporate on their own.









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