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Music Madness aka Krazy Kiya Re

Go Krazy!!

by RJ Shannu

Music Madness aka Krazy Kiya Re

Go Krazy!!

Here RJ Shannu speaks her mind. Talks more of her DIL and less of the Dimaag.

Come and experience “Music in all its Freedom”. The 60 minutes of my HEART and Bollywood Classics. You will hear most of the OLDIE GOLDIES from BOLLYWOOD and sometimes she might surprise you with the New numbers as well.

A roller coaster through the highs and lows. Kyun Ki JEENA USI KA NAAM HAIN. But definitely, this show will hit some of the strings of your heart, bring a nostalgic memory and you might drop a tear or curve a smile.

All times are in CST (USA- Chicago) and all programs available globally in related times.

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by RJ Shannu


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