My thoughts went on a wild goose chase, the moment I saw this post on my facebook page. It is true that expectation is the root of all heartache, but when I hear anyone saying that they don’t expect, makes me wonder are they speaking the truth? I think expectation is a feeling that comes naturally, like feeling hungry, getting mad etc. Parents got expectation with kids, teachers with students, employers with employees, husbands with wives and vice versa. In short where there is any kind of relation there is expectation.

Now, it is totally up to us as to how we let that expectation affect our lives. Always remember that expectation never comes alone, it walks in our thoughts with its best buddy “comparison”. Together, they got the ability to create all sorts of drama in anyones life. We can find examples in our daily routine. As parents we expect a lot from our kids, which leads to comparison. Lets accept it , that on regular basis parents compare their kids not knowing how that is affecting them. Are they getting better or the one being compared as getting jealous of the other ?

The amount of time we waste on getting worried about others behavior, can be well spent in changing our own. If we look closely, we will see everybody is busy fighting their own battle. Same situation can be handled by ten different people in ten different ways. The thought that I am always right can downsize a number of relations around.

Need to apply break to my thoughts now. If you have expectations then start communication. The ability to communicate your feelings can solve a lot of issues. I don’t think anyone is born with mind reading abilities, so the way we express ourselves in our thoughts should be done in reality. If someone is not agreeable to your thoughts it doesn’t mean that it is end of the world. As I said everyone is different, try to work something out mutually. How many times we initiate a conversation, if someone else is trying to ignore us? In short just expecting things to work the way you want is never going to happen if proper action is not implemented.

Now coming back to myself again, my expectations with my life is so high that I need to win that mega million lottery ticket that I bought yesterday. At least half of my life problems will be solved. So pray for me world, and always remember just can’t sit and wait to be a millionaire. Need to either work with a clear mind or take the car go to a convenient store and buy the lotto. ?