Carnivale! Viva Colombia como

Colonization had intertwined civilizations and cultures across the globe and the world we live in today is perfectly interwoven. All the cultural celebrations and festivals we celebrate are mere a reflection of our ancient world.  Adding to that, there are some cultures and countries that not just strengthen the spirit[…]

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Every time I watch a Disney Princess movie with my daughters, forget about the kids, I get glued to the T.V. What is so special about them? Is it the glittering tiara, or may be the big castle or the fancy life full with maids and servants? Well, my reason[…]

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It has just become a little past the ides of autumn. The leaves have all fallen down. The weather is bitter, and biting. The days are getting shorter, and our patience is getting shorter for a new time. Fall is like the end of a play, the lights go down,[…]

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September Eleven

Every year, in the first couple weeks of September, there are posts regarding that one special day which is said to have changed the face of this world. Did 911 really changed the world, or America being the most powerful country, is considered as “the world”? Did hate crimes started[…]

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Father’s Day

We all are busy celebrating Father’s day today. Father’s day is a celebration honoring fathers, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in homes as well as on the society. To me a dad is the rock and supplier of the family. A dad plays as a role model for[…]

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My thoughts went on a wild goose chase, the moment I saw this post on my facebook page. It is true that expectation is the root of all heartache, but when I hear anyone saying that they don’t expect, makes me wonder are they speaking the truth? I think expectation[…]

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