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It has just become a little past the ides of autumn. The leaves have all fallen down. The weather is bitter, and biting. The days are getting shorter, and our patience is getting shorter for a new time. Fall is like the end of a play, the lights go down, and the play is over. Just like our lives, fall is a time of settling down, escaping the hustle of summer and the endless optimism.

However, fall is also a time of change, a cleanse for our souls. As we see the leaves turn, and fall, we fall. We fall into our depths of ourselves, constantly analyzing, constantly reviewing. We know that fall is just temporary, like an appetizer for bigger and better things. As we fall, we are constantly reminded of anew.

The bare branches will once again bear their leaves, the grass will once again become green, and we are ourselves-will once again rise out of our history.



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