Every time I watch a Disney Princess movie with my daughters, forget about the kids, I get glued to the T.V. What is so special about them? Is it the glittering tiara, or may be the big castle or the fancy life full with maids and servants?

Well, my reason for watching these movies are little different. To me those princesses are strong women, who use their courage and brains to make life better for others. They all earned their princess title. They got best manners, they are hard workers, full of kindness. When they see that someone,s having a hard time, they try to help them. They don’t judge people, because they believe in checking both sides of the coin. They are people who never gave up, no matter how hard the time is they never loose faith and courage.

It is not the tiara that makes the princess,it is her honest attitude and caring personality. Being a princess is all about right attitude, not how much money you have or who your parents are.  Always be there to support your friends and family through tough times and build a positive reputation.

We all want to provide worldly amenities to our kids, and feel proud in saying that my daughter is a princess. Please, let’s not confuse the poor kid. Teach her what true princess is, and you will be surprised to see your angel really becoming a true princess.

By – Blogger