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Father’s Day

We all are busy celebrating Father’s day today. Father’s day is a celebration honoring fathers, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in homes as well as on the society. To me a dad is the rock and supplier of the family. A dad plays as a role model for both son and daughter. The word father, brings mental peace in any household. This is how the memories of my father are to me.

Growing up in a very small Indian village, where girls were supposed to learn household chores and stay with family, or attend the village school(for the sake of just being called educated). My father was the first person to break the stereotype rules and sent me to a boarding school. He said just because you are a girl, doesn’t mean you need to stay home and learn cooking and cleaning. He said, I love you way too much to see your life being wasted by staying here.

My mother used to fight with him over this. She used to think that being a girl, I needed to learn other things than going to school. Her thinking was just opposite of my father’s. I have a younger brother too, but my dad always called me as his son(clearly his favorite). The way he would fight for a girls right was really unusual in my village. His thinking was, to bring a positive change in the society, you need to be that change.

Well not all good things lasts for long, I lost my father at the age of ten. My small world seemed to come to an end. I come from a very average middle class Indian family, I thought now all I will do is sit and rot at home. Actually that was not my thinking, thats what so called society around me made me think. That’s when my mother, who never liked my dads views, stepped in. She completely changed her role, from being an uneducated housewife to a confident strong person. Seeing her two kids life at stake, she became the man of the house. We owned farming lands, she started stepping out of the house and managing those farm lands. I have no idea how she managed everything. Nothing in my life stopped, me and my brother we both finished our schools, colleges , got married , etc, etc.

She kept the ball rolling from where my dad left. She literally fought with society to keep us safe and sound. Never saw her crying or cursing the fate, she never made any excuse of not having a male member around to fulfill our needs. I can say that our situation or life style never improved but at the same time it never worsened either. Same neighbors who used to taunt her on everything, now gives her full respect. She totally earned on her own. Love her for everything she did and is still doing for us.

So today, I want to wish my confident, strong and miracle worker mother  a “Happy Father’s Day”.

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